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I am cultural analyst and postdoctoral researcher at the Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent of the Centre Nationale de Recherche Scientifique in Paris, as well as an associated researcher at the Center for Global Studies of the University of Bern. I am specialized in Latin American and global history. Previously I conducted my doctoral research at the Institute of History of the University of Bern as a member of the Global Studies Program. I obtained both my master and bachelor degrees in Barcelona, where I already focused on history and aesthetics. I have been awarded with scholarships from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst for pursuing research at the Iberoamerikanisches Institut in Berlin, and from the Dr. Joséphine de Karman Foundation. My current research follows my interest in artistic practices with historiographic purposes, especially in objects and devices crossed by deterioration, memory and affect.

Besides my scientific research, I have been involved in several cultural projects. Between 2007 and 2014 I was a student at the Conservatorio Municipal de Música de Barcelona majoring in saxophone with Víctor Béjar and Miquell Bofill. I attended masterclasses by Rodrigo Pérez Vila, Rupert Stelzer, Barbara Schickbichler, Michael Krenn, and Sascha Ambruster, among others. In addition, I participated in the Academy of Contemporary Music at the HSLU and performed as guest saxophonist at festivals such as Wege der Wahrnehmung and New Music Days. As a result of my interest in interdisciplinary art, I developed various projects as artist in residence or guest at performance series, as well as curator of concert staging. Since 2020 I have been closely collaborating with SoundTrieb, a collective I support as cultural manager. I am also co-founder of the network Ko-Operator!, an interdisciplinary artistic platform active since 2019.

Book Project


"The Act of Looking at, the Art of Staring at," Sousveillance: Staring at the Bin, Meriel Price. Lucerne: Verein SoundTrieb, 2023.
"The Resistance of Peroles: Artistic Strategies Drenched in Oil," NO Rhetoric(s): Versions and Subversions of Resistance in Contemporary Global Art. Sara Alonso Gómez, Isabel J. Piniella Grillet, Nadia Radwan, and Elena Rosauro (Eds.), Zürich: Diaphanes, 2023.
Sobras espectrales-Portada.jpg
"¿Estéticas o políticas del desperdicio? Márgenes del campo cultural venezolano en los años sesenta," Sobras espectrales: Gestiones estético-políticas de los residuos. Adriana López-Labourdette and Valeria Wagner (Eds.), Barcelona: Lingkua, 2022.
"SPAM (An)Archive: Performing Under Surveillance," INSAM Journal of Contemporary Music, Art and Technology 9, December 2022.
Trópico Absoluto_Piniella 2022.jpg
"De la tierra y el destierro: Reflexiones en torno a la (po)ética de Tabla Redonda", Trópico Absoluto, April 2022.
"Boom and Doom of Venezuelan Exceptionalism", OIL. Beauty and Horror in the Petrolage / OIL. Schönheit und Schrecken des Erdölzeitalters. Alexander Klose and Benjamin Steininger (Eds.), Wolfburg: Kunstmuseum Wolfburg, 2021.
Izquierdas latinoamericanas_Publicación.jpg
"Engranajes de la cultura protestataria: la izquierda cultural venezolana a la luz del proyecto interamericano de Nueva Solidaridad y en diálogo con la Generación Beat". Las izquierdas latinoamericanas y europeas: Idearios, praxis y sus circulaciones transregionales en la larga década del sesenta. Peter Birle, Enrique Fernández Derraz and Clara Ruvituso (Eds), Madrid/Frankfurt: Iberoamericana – Vervuert, 2021.


Meriel Price, SoundTrieb, Urban Mäder, Nicolas Nova, Tapir Film, Isabel Piniella (curator)
Museum Tinguely, Basel
February 22nd - March 26th 2023
Soundinstallation and performance on audio surveillance

Juan José Faccio, Jessica Maria Nassif and Isabel Piniella
Residency FKK-Wohnung, Neubad, Lucerne
February 14th-20th, 2022
SPAM (An)Archive
Artist Talk + Live Performance
Óscar Escudero, SoundTrieb, Isabel Piniella (moderator)
GLITCHERS, CSMA Saragossa, May 11th 2022
New Music Days, HSLU Lucerne, June 27th 2021
Past Projects
Ongoing Projects




Cultural Management
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