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I am an independent researcher specialized in Latin American and global history. I have conducted my doctoral research at the Institute of History of the University of Bern as a member of the Global Studies Program. Previously I studied Humanities with a major in Contemporary History and Philosophy at the Pompeu Fabra University and obtained a master’s degree in Contemporary Philosophy with focus on aesthetics and decolonial thought from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I have been awarded with scholarships from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst for pursuing research at the Iberoamerikanisches Institut in Berlin, and from the Dr. Joséphine de Karman Foundation. I am currently working on a postdoctoral research project following my interest in artistic practices with historiographic purposes, especially in objects and devices crossed by deterioration, memory and affect.

Besides my scientific research, I have been involved in several cultural projects. Between 2007 and 2014 I was a student at the Conservatorio Municipal de Música de Barcelona majoring in saxophone with Víctor Béjar and Miquell Bofill. I attended masterclasses by Rodrigo Pérez Vila, Rupert Stelzer, Barbara Schickbichler, Michael Krenn, and Sascha Ambruster, among others. In addition, I participated in the Academy of Contemporary Music at the HSLU and performed as guest saxophonist at festivals such as Wege der Wahrnehmung and New Music Days. As a result of my interest in interdisciplinary art, I developed various projects as artist in residence or guest at performance series, as well as curator of concert staging. Since 2020 I have been closely collaborating with SoundTrieb, a collective I support as cultural manager. I am also co-director of the network Ko-Operator!, an interdisciplinary artistic platform active since 2019.

Book Project


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"De la tierra y el destierro: Reflexiones en torno a la (po)ética de Tabla Redonda", Trópico Absoluto, April 2022.
"Boom and Doom of Venezuelan Exceptionalism", OIL. Beauty and Horror in the Petrolage / OIL. Schönheit und Schrecken des Erdölzeitalters. Alexander Klose und Benjamin Steininger (Eds.), Wolfburg: Kunstmuseum Wolfburg, 2021.
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"Engranajes de la cultura protestataria: la izquierda cultural venezolana a la luz del proyecto interamericano de Nueva Solidaridad y en diálogo con la Generación Beat". Las izquierdas latinoamericanas y europeas: Idearios, praxis y sus circulaciones transregionales en la larga década del sesenta. Peter Birle, Enrique Fernández Derraz und Clara Ruvituso (Eds), Madrid/Frankfurt: Iberoamericana – Vervuert, 2021.


Soundinstallation and performance on audio surveillance

Juan José Faccio, Jessica Maria Nassif and Isabel Piniella
Residency FKK-Wohnung, Neubad, Lucerne
February 14th-20th, 2022
Meriel Price, SoundTrieb, Sara Alonso Gómez, Nicolas Nova, Moritz Hossli, Isabel Piniella (curator)
Museum Tinguely, Basel
February 23rd - March 26th 2023
SPAM (An)Archive
Artist Talk + Live Performance
Óscar Escudero, SoundTrieb, Isabel Piniella (moderator)
GLITCHERS, CSMA Saragossa, May 11th 2022
New Music Days, HSLU Lucerne, June 27th 2021